Thursday, February 07, 2008

A fairweather blogger.

This will be short on words and (as always) long on photos. I thought I forgot how to use my camera. It had been awhile since I set out to pick the thing up. My energy these days has been channeled mostly into things like painting, and grouting and keeping my kids out of my husbands hair as he works to get this home of our ready to sell. As it nears it's completion I will be posting photos of it in all it's finished glory. All for someone else to enjoy. Isn't that always the way it goes?


Without further adoo....february.....

Check out our new glass tile backsplash. ohhhhhhhhhh....ahhhhhhhhhh.
Working on the house does come with it's perks. (sorry honey I couldn't resist.... he never reads this anyways)
Olivia is starting to try and feed herself. But, it's more like playing with the spoon than actually feeding herself. Too cute to resist. Look at her tongue. LOOK AT IT!

it's cute.
Stirrrrrrrr it.
Liiiiiiick it!
Look reeeeeeealy cute.
Piiiiiick at the container.

After making a huge mess. We stripped her down and let her and her pineapple head play in a bucket.
Then I did what any loveing mother would do. I rammed her into it in a reclined position because it would make for a cute photo.
Maybe she didn't like it.
Maybe she got a little angry with me.
And maybe I laughed at her and took her picture instead of comforting her.
Then I felt bad and we cuddled for a while.
I'm not a complete monster.

Megan's best friend in the whole world comes over three times a week and the other day we made cookies. They are sooooooo cute. I have extreme guilt over having to make then say goodbye to each other. Mosty because her mother heaps said guilt onto my shoulders.
It will be very to sad to see them say good bye.

And I will leave you with a couple more random photos of my girls. My girls with the impossible hair. I love them.


Angella said...

I will never tire of Olivia's hair!

Or Megan's for that matter :)

Roz said...

Great choice on the glass tile! Where will you be moving to?

Those pictures are just so darn cute!

Bloggy Mama said...

I love those pictures and I love you guys. Backsplash - wow!!

Shelley said...

Ok, the hair on those two girls is priceless. I love it!

Kaili said...

Love the pineapple hair, so cute!
And I love the backsplash! Where and when are you guys moving?

Kaili said...

Love the pineapple hair, so cute!
And I love the backsplash! Where and when are you guys moving?

Danica said...

Thanks for posting! I love you and your whole family. It saddens me greatly that you are moving so far away, which is funny because it's not like I ever see you. Waaaah!
If your house was here I would buy it. Except I couldn't afford it.
Miss you.
We'll have to have a face to face visit before you move.

Becky said...

Yay you blogged! I wish I could have helped you finish things up! And I wish I could go out there to see the house in all its finished glory! It just hit me that you have to leave that big beautiful house that Dustin built. BUT you get to come out here!!!! WAHOO! And I also love your girls AND their wacky hair. Pineapple head is the perfect description. Miss you!
P.S. Travis returned his plane, and is shopping for a new one. And wont. stop. talking. about it!

Ashley said...

Before you move I say you come to Chilliwack for a visit and take some fabulous photos of our girlie. Your talent never ceases to amaze me.

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Good to see a post from you! Good luck with your house readying and all...

KellyLee said...

Her hair is the best. Oh my word, that is hilarious. Just know gravity will eventually do it's dirty work and bring it down to look just plain ole boring along her head. That is such great character!

Karyn said...

Guilt! Guilt! Stay! Stay! Would it be wrong to pray that you hate Alberta? J.K. We look forward to the visits, and the trips! :)